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Aero Comfort EC130 T2

San Antonio, TX – April 14, 2014. Aero Comfort is proud to announce the contract award for a new EC130 T2. The interior will have a new design in premium leather. Aero Comfort has been providing bespoke interior completion services for manufacturers, maintenance and completion centers, and owner operators around the globe.

First Eurocopter AS350 B3e Completion

San Antonio, TX – November 20, 2013. Aero Comfort is proud to announce the delivery of a Eurocopter AS350 interior kit for an undisclosed customer; The completion encompasses the application of custom leather on the newly designed seat cushions for the new helicopter. The design incorporates the orignal stitching pattern that is original to the […]

Aero Comfort – “Rotorcomfort”

San Antonio, Texas. – August 30, 2013 – Aero Comfort is proud to announce the contract award of a VVIP Agusta 109 Interior Completion for a private customer in Brazil. Aero Comfort has completed Agusta Westland interiors for several completion centers in the country.

Aero Comfort – A Productive Summer

San Antonio, Texas. – July 31, 2013 – Aero Comfort has seen a productive Summer. June and July have yielded great results for deliveries and contract awards. Several programs that were quoted in the second quarter have started rollling into our production schedule. Furthermore, we are excited to announce that we have added new customers […]

Aero Comfort awarded 747 work

San Antonio, Texas. – May 23, 2013 – Aero Comfort has been awarded a contract to provide upholstery for the VVIP Window systems of a wide body aircraft. Today’s announcement represents the first Boeing 747-8i series work scope to be accomplished by Aero Comfort. For Aero Comfort it marks the beginning for more 747 work […]

Furniture in an Art Form : George Schroeder

San Antonio, Texas – May 13, 2013 – Aero Comfort once again collaborates with renown Sculptor George Schroeder on his latest creation. Aero Comfort’s skilled craftsmen utilized the finest in leathers and techniques to upholster the art pieces (chairs) that were inspired by some of the finest automobiles and aircraft in the world. For more […]

Aero Comfort awarded VVIP Upholstery Program from Gore Design Completions

San Antonio, TX – April 27, 2013. Aero Comfort is proud to announce the contract award and delivery of upholstered VVIP seating for a private Airbus A340 for Gore Design Completions (GDC). The project consisted of “green” seating structures upholstered to meet customer design and installation requirements. The seating program was extensive and required a […]

Aero Comfort awarded Piper Cheyenne Completion

San Antonio, TX – March 26, 2013. Aero Comfort is proud to announce the contract award for a Piper Cheyenne interior completion for private customer out of Mexico. The aircraft will recieve a brand new design with fine aircraft grade materials. Aero Comfort has gained market share in the twin engine arena. Many customers based […]

Aero Comfort awarded VVIP Eurocopter EC-130 Interior Completion

San Antonio, TX – February 27, 2013. Aero Comfort is proud to announce the contract award of another Eurocopter EC-130 VVIP Interior for an undisclosed customer; The interior color schemes have been chosen and the planning and execution stage of the project is underway. The completion encompasses the application of leather, suedes and luxury carpeting […]

Aero Comfort awarded Airbus A330 Window Upholstery Program

San Antonio, TX – February 14, 2013 – Aero Comfort is awarded another Airbus A330-200 aircraft window program. Aero Comfort has expanded their services to include window shade cutting and component painting to allow our customers to take full advantage of our facility personnel. Aero Comfort has provided upholstery support on numerous wide body completions […]

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