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Our facility… extension of your business

Based out of San Antonio, Texas our facility is conveniently located adjacent to San Antonio International Airport (SAT) and allows our Customers easy transit for design meetings, scheduled program reviews, and or facility visits.

With over 10,000 sq ft our 5s facility is equipped with modern equipment suitable to take on the most complex designs in upholstery and cabinetry.  Our shops are set up in a work flow environment to allow easy visualization of your projects progress.  We promote FOD prevention by utilizing shadowed tool kits and company tool boxes. Complete segregation of components and materials is also practiced to protect your investment. 

For custom or standardized programs – Aero Comfort is your source. The right people, the right environment, the right equipment, the right results.

  • Paint booth
  • Woodshop
  • Foam Cutting and Shaping
  • Metal Shop/CNC support
  • Industrial Sewing Stations
  • Leather Skiving Stations
  • Carpeting Stations (serging and binding)
  • Quality Inspection Tables
  • Shipping/receiving loading dock
  • Down Draft System
  • Calibrated Weigh Station
  • Shadowed Tool Kits
  • Team Tool boxes
  • FOD prevention tool kits

Providing services to customers worldwide.

FAA Repair Station #JFOR772N